KGS Driving School - Our customers do the talking for us, so have a read of our reviews. Offering driving lessons in south-east London, including Plumstead and Woolwich.

Driving Lessons Blackheath

Our mission is customer success

<h2>Our mission is customer success<h2>

Our mission is Customer Success and with so many Driving Customer Reviews we prefer to let our customers do the talking.

To discuss your requirements or to check availability, please call Chloe at Customer Services on

Blackheath 07887 818521


Money back guarantee!

<h2>Money back guarantee!<h2>

No one else does this!

We are so confident that you'll love the driving tuition we provide that we will give you a massive £60 discount to 'Try Us and See'!

In the unlikey event you are not happy for any reason, your money will be refunded.


Driving Lessons Blackheath


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For your safety and reassurance, our driving instructors are CRB checked and FULLY qualified. Offer manual and automatic lessons.


We let our customers do the talking for us

<h2>We let our customers do the talking for us<h2> Our Mission is "Customer Success" and with so many Customer Reviews we prefer to let our Customers do the talking. 


Sandra Oluwatosin from Blackheath

<h2>Sandra Oluwatosin from Blackheath<h2>

“I chose KGS Driving School because I was very pleased with feedback I had got and from the level of success that was present on the website.

Learning to drive wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. My driving instructor Satnam gave very clear instructions in a friendly manner. I have enjoyed my time with KGS Driving School and cannot find any faults in the service that I have been provided”.

Sandra Oluwatosin from Blackheath


Gareth Price from Blackheath

<h2>Gareth Price from Blackheath<h2>

“One of my mates gave me Sat’s business card after learning to drive with him.

I believe the most important thing about learning to drive is being comfortable, and with Sat beside you, teaching you throughout the lesson it’s very easy to be comfortable and calm”.

Gareth Price from Blackheath


Pass Your Practical Driving Test First Time!


7 Success Steps to a 1st Time Pass

No 1. Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons: Try to take weekly driving lessons. Those students that take regular driving lessons learn SO much faster than those that don’t. Commit to two hour driving lessons if possible, you will learn a lot more and a lot faster. One hour driving lessons don’t really give you value for money.

NO.2. Be Prepared For Your Driving Lessons: It’s your driving lesson! Make the most of it. Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money.

No 3. Your Driving Lessons Should Begin With A Recap Of Your Previous Lesson: Please don’t underestimate this very important point. Your driving instructor should ask you questions to confirm your understanding of your previous lesson. This helps you understand the theory behind your practical driving, and helps you pass faster.

No 4. The Lessons Objective: This is the most important element to your progress. It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definite objective. You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards each lesson. Driving around with no aim will increase your learning period and waste both your money and time.

NO 5. Your Driving Lessons Should Be Structured: Your Lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress. Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding.

NO 6. Summary Of Your Driving Lesson:  What you discuss at the end of your lesson, I what you will remember from that lesson and will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding. It’s 5 minutes at the end that is well worth it.

NO 7. Listen To The Advice Of Your Driving Instructor: Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice - So it would be wise to listen to it.

Also believe in your own abilities and make your 1st practical driving test, your only driving test.


All our students can't be wrong!


It would be a BIG mistake to think that all Driving Schools are the same!

Try Us and See why we are the most liked driving school!


Call 07887 818521 today!


We let our customers do the talking for us


You will benefit from fully structured driving lessons while you are learning to drive, affordable block booking discounts and friendly professional driving tuition to guide you too driving test success. You will also benefit from our very impressive pass rate, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at all our reviews and test passes!

We let our customers do the talking.


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